Career Path Quiz Results

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Here's how to interpret your findings.

Based on your responses, you were scored on how well your values and interests fit into 5 types of roles: Academic, Corporate, Entrepreneur, Non-profit, and Government.

Your score can range from 100% (perfect fit: go for these roles!) to -100% (perfect anti-fit: avoid these roles!).

One BIG thing to keep in mind: Use these results as a general guide to figure out which direction to look. The differences between two companies can be bigger than the differences between one of those companies and a university! There are always exceptions, and in many cases, there are roles that don’t fit neatly into one of these categories, like a research lab that’s a meld between an academic and corporate role.

Take a look at these sample results. If your data look like this, it means you're probably not a great fit for government, academic, or non-profits, but you would probably do well in a corporate environment or as an entrepreneur.

What are these roles like?

Of course, no personality test is complete without a description of your personality! Most likely, you will identify with up to 2-3 of these archetypes, but one or two should resonate the strongest.

How accurate were your results?

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