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I write across several platforms on a variety of topics: UX research, career development, transitioning from PhD to industry, science, technology, and productivity. The posts are organized by topic below!


My take on being a professional researcher in a product development environment

Democratization won’t save research

It is a band-aid for a deeper problem

Why your research insights aren’t making an impact

3 big mistakes and how to avoid them

Could design thinking stop CEO Thanos?

How well does Design Thinking avoid harmful outcomes?

Career & productivity

Advice and perspective on working for a living

Even if AI can never be better than you, your job is not safe

You can easily be replaced by worse talent

Explore your passions, but stay away from callings

Callings are a corporate fairy tale

Stop searching for job security

You can create something better yourself

Why most New Year’s resolutions fail

There is a better way to set goals and build habits

You’re probably searching for jobs backward

Ask the important questions first

PhD to industry

How to make the shift